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cbd oil for dogs ohio

Products for people were swiftly followed by CBD chewies, oils and sprays for pets.

“I didn’t see a change in his behavior,” said Thiele, who nonetheless remains a believer.

But some of these products are all bark and no bite.

Stephanie McGrath, a Colorado State University researcher, is now doing a larger clinical trial funded by the American Kennel Club’s Canine Health Foundation.

Companies have unleashed hundreds of CBD pet health products accompanied by glowing customer testimonials claiming the cannabis derivative produced calmer, quieter and pain-free dogs and cats.

“The growth is more rapid than I’ve seen for any product in 20 years in this business,” said Bill Bookout, president of the National Animal Supplement Council, an industry group whose member companies agree to testing and data-gathering requirements. “There’s a gold rush going on now. Probably 95 percent of the industry participants are responsible, but what’s dangerous is the fly-by-night operative that wants to cash in.”

Bookout said his organization has recorded very few health incidents involving CBD and no deaths.

Your Veterinarian holds a license that is highly regulated from an organization called the Drug Enforcement Agency. The DEA still views cannabis as an illegal substance on the Federal level. Your Veterinarian may hold opinions and views about the science behind the use of cannabis in veterinary medicine; but is not legally allowed to dispense the substance.

Everybody’s doing it…

How can a (full-spectrum, organic and FDA approved) CBD product help your pet?

First of all, your dog should not be getting high from CBD. The chemical THC is responsible for that “high” feeling. Marijuana with high levels of THC can be highly toxic to pets, you should never, ever allow your pets to access any type of marijuana.

You may have heard from a friend, or read a blog, or seen an Amazon ad pop up on your phone about how your dog can benefit from CBD oil or Hemp chews. Studies are being conducted as you read this to provide more insight into these theories. However; we encourage you to approach this issue with caution. Due to high demand in the cannabis industry, quality control can be lacking. We encourage you to request that certificate of analysis for not only dosing information, but also because it will provide information on the presence of fungicides and pesticides.

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Dental Care for Dogs: Taking care of your pup’s mouth is critical as well. Dental care in dogs is often overlooked; however, this has an enormous effect on your dog’s quality of life. Numerous infections as well as ailments that dogs develop begin in the mouth. The bright side is that there are a lot of options when it comes to looking after your dog’s mouth. These include things like dog dental sprays, dog dental chews, dog toothpaste, and dog toothbrushes. Our informative staff can help you find the option that works best for your dog.

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Eye Care for Dogs: Much like people, dogs are prone to forming troubles with their eyes as well. Some of the most common indicators that something is wrong with your dog’s eyes involve pus or fluid draining from the eyes, the eyes looking red, your dog is constantly scratching his or her eyes, and/or your dog appears to be running into items. While a vet can help you look after your dog’s eyes, there are also products that you can make use of at home. These include dog eye wipes and dog eye drops.

If you have a dog, you plan to do whatever you can to keep them healthy and happy. While routine visits to the vet are important, there are a few crucial dog health products that you might think about to help you look after your dog’s health and wellness in between visits. Have a look at several of the top pet health items listed below!

Ear Care for Dogs: When it comes to looking after your dog’s ears, there are a range of debris and microorganisms that can make their home in your dog’s ears. Some of the most usual instances consist of: wax accumulation, grass, dust, bacteria, and ear mites. There are ear sprays and cleaners that can be practical for both removing wax and also eliminating germs. This can go a long way toward stopping an ear infection.