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cbd oil for cerebral palsy

While there are medications, surgeries, and therapies aimed at helping individuals with cerebral palsy gain more control over their muscles, they may still face challenges with regard to seizures, mood, and more.

Because THC can impair cognitive function, it is generally not recommended for use on children except in rare circumstances. On the other hand, children with cerebral palsy may benefit from CBD oil in a number of ways.

Medical Marijuana

CBD oil can also be helpful in individuals with cerebral palsy who may be suffering from chronic muscle and joint pain due to not being able to fully extend their limbs. CBD oil has been shown to have pain-relieving properties by boosting levels of serotonin, which is a chemical responsible for the perception of pain and tempering down of inflammation.

Hi, I live in Ireland, and I have triplets, 12 years old, and one of my daughters have a mild cerebral palsy, with spasticity in her legs. Now, she is in puberty and she is complaining about the pain in her legs, joints, knees, and she is walking worse, I believe her body is trying to streech because the puberty , I would like to know how the CBD can help her? CBD oil is available in Ireland, but I dont know whats the best for her: oil, cream, tablets?? Can you guide me please? I really need to help her! Also she is having panic attack and anxiety episodes.
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CBD is a phytochemical that is found in higher quantities in some cannabis strains. That being said, it can be isolated and expressed in oil, which can be found in almost all marijuana dispensaries across the country. CBD is known as a muscle relaxant, mood enhancer, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) booster, and is thought to increases levels of chemicals that inhibit the over-expression of nerve impulses in the brain and body. CBD may therefore be useful for individuals with spastic cerebral palsy who may have a problem with stiff muscles and spastic movements.

Spastic CP affects up to 80% of people with the condition; symptoms include permanently tightened joints and stiffness in a specific part of the body.

Rather than referring to a single condition, cerebral palsy (CP) relates to a group of medical issues that impact the brain and movement. It is a lifelong condition caused by a problem with the brain during its development, often before birth. However, some children are affected by cerebral palsy because their brain is damaged during birth or soon after they are born.

Athetoid Cerebral Palsy

This is another form of CP and occurs when there is damage to more than one area of the brain. The most common mixed CP diagnosis is both spastic and athetoid.

Within four months, there was a noticeable improvement in their condition. Blumkin asserts that the biggest positive change was in motor function. Other benefits included less pain and an improvement in quality of life and sleep.

Overall, there is a suggestion that cannabis could have medical efficacy for individuals with cerebral palsy. It may help with symptoms including spasticity, sleep disturbance, and pain. CBD is a non-intoxicating compound and is widely available in almost every American state. As it doesn’t cause an intoxicating high, medical researchers believe it is safe to give to children, although more studies are needed in the future.