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cbd oil for cats

Overall, CBD works in a variety of ways to help your kitty live a more comfortable, relaxed, and healthful life.

Honest Paws’ CBD oil for cats contains several wellness terpenes to support your kitty’s overall health, including:

Customers share positive results after providing their pets with CBD. From 1) reducing obsessive self-grooming to 2) making trips to the groomer easy as pie to 3) saving couches and shoes from nervous biting, AnxiousPet customers are satisfied with the way CBD has reduced anxiety in their pets and created a more harmonious, happy home.

What Is The Right CBD Oil Dosage For Cats?

You may not notice effects right away but don’t let that disappoint you. Most brands recommend you try the product for a minimum of thirty days before trying to adjust the dose. You know your kitty better than anyone so just keep an eye out and watch for subtle changes before offering an increased dose.


Founded by co-CEOs Martin Sumichrast and Scott Coffman and is based out of North Carolina, cbdMD knows full well that anxious pets create anxious households. cbdMD has formulated a distinct ethanol-based extraction method known as “flash chromatography” to make all of their broad-spectrum products. Their unique solutions are sourced from USA grown hemp and tested by third-party labs.

Customers report good prices and fast delivery. One specific customer shares a sweet story about a rescue kitty who exhibited excessive grooming habits upon being brought home. After a vet visit, it was determined the behavior was stress related. After trying pheromone plugins, they tried Honest Paws CBD and within three weeks, their rescue stopped the stress-related grooming and has been able to settle into his new home.

Both cats and dogs have what is called an endocannabinoid system which is why they’re able to reap the benefits of CBD like people. Their systems are often much more sensitive, however, and they are especially susceptible to THC which is poisonous for them. This is why it is so crucial to find a trustworthy brand for CBD products. JustCBD’s CBD oil for cats has been created with this sensitivity in mind and is perfectly balanced and mixed to be safe for your pet.

Blended with fractionated coconut oil, this full spectrum oil is potent, and is acclaimed for its ability to support both immune health as well as brain function. This CBD oil for cats also helps with seasonal allergies and works to improve a pet’s mood. Sometimes, especially when faced with old age or various ailments, cats can lose a bit of their curiosity and affection, trading it instead for a grumpy stand-offish demeanor. This highly versatile product works exceptionally well at getting your pets back to their chipper selves by aiding them both physically and mentally.

Unlike a lot of the other oils and oil tinctures on this list, this tincture is a full spectrum rather than a broad spectrum. Full-spectrum oils include the “full-spectrum” of what the hemp plant has to offer, meaning they include all the cannabinoids including trace amounts of THC. In order to be sold as legal CBD hemp oil, these products need to have less than 0.3% THC which may not sound like a lot, but it’s often the perfect amount. Pets can be more sensitive to THC than people are, so it’s imperative that they take products that have a safe amount for them. 0.3% THC is not so concentrated that it can give a pet a high, but it is just strong enough to increase the entourage effect, boosting the effectiveness of the CBD.

8. Just CBD – Best Price

PETLYcbd’s formula is truly unique in that it packs the punch of a full spectrum oil without any of the THC. This is because of the phytocannabinoid-rich hemp that the oil is derived from. This means that this broad-spectrum oil contains even more of those helpfile terpenes and cannabinoids similar to that of a full-spectrum oil. This helps make the product even easier to digest and boosts the overall effectiveness.

Some cats are extremely picky eaters, which can make giving medicine and supplements a chore. Medterra’s CBD Tincture for Pets comes in three different flavors so that even the most particular cats can find something that they’re pleased with. The beef and chicken flavors can be extra helpful for cats who need their tincture oils directly administered, as the better flavor will encourage them to swallow and actually ingest the oil. Cats that may dislike beef or chicken or may have allergies to either of those meats may prefer a couple of drops of the unflavored mix right on their food. By offering all three, owners are able to choose which best fits the unique needs of their furry friend.

In recent years, a lot of people have been switching over to products that are preservative-free, organic, and are free of any harsh dyes or chemicals. While these additions may improve the overall shelf life or appearance of products, they often provide little to no health benefits and, in many cases, can dampen the effects of supplements or worse. These additives may even work as a detriment against the user and their bodies. Cats are much smaller than their owners so any harmful additives will have a much greater and more severe effect on them than a human. Extract Labs’ Hemp Tincture Full Spectrum CBD contains no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or colors and is made with organic and vegan ingredients. This product is safe as it is natural.

You can’t put a price on your cat’s health and wellbeing, but between vet visits, food, litter refills, and the occasional catnip toy, your furry friend can really start to rack up some bills. With all those other expenses, it can be difficult for some owners to even venture out and try purchasing CBD cat oil, but with the great price of JustCBD’s CBD Oil for Cats, even the most frugal cat parent can take the dive without having to break the bank. This CBD is of wonderful value; it’s super affordable without sacrificing any quality or effectiveness.

That’s how CBD works. It takes the place of these endocannabinoids. When they aren’t delivering the instructions we need them to, or when the system is under more stress than normal, then CBD can help bring everything back to a state of homeostasis.

Other ways in which CBD can benefit cats is by helping with their:


The more difficult the condition, the more CBD you’ll need. But start small and go up until your furry feline is feeling happier and calmer. A little less, or even a little more oil won’t do any harm. Dosing can easily remain approximate until you’re able to find what works best for your cat.

We recommend giving a dose of 2-4 mg of CBD per 10 pounds for cats to start. This is twice the amount we recommend for dogs, but don’t fret. Cat’s don’t have as many cannabinoid receptors as dogs so they need twice the amount to see the same effects. For cats with cancer or seizures, start with 4-6mg of CBD per 10 pounds.

All animals have an endocannabinoid system, and it plays a big role in keeping them healthy. The body produces endocannabinoids, substances much like the cannabinoids found in cannabis. These travel the bloodstream and attach to cells throughout the body to deliver messages and instructions that tell it what’s going on and how to react. Almost every bodily process is affected by these endocannabinoids.