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cbd oil dogs uk

Blessed CBD’s products are also of the highest quality possible thanks to the fact that they use organic hemp on top of using the CO2 extraction process to obtain their oil. This means it’s as pure as it gets. Because Blessed CBD’s products are full-spectrum CBD oil, they contain a strong terpene profile along with other cannabinoids like CBDA and CBG that help users get the entourage effect.

This is a UK-based brand that is not only family run, but also responsible for some of the most potent CBD oil on the market. In fact, Blessed CBD’s products range from 500mg and can go up to 1800mg. As a result, many people use this product as a form of stress and chronic pain reliever.

What are the effects of CBD on dogs?

The use of CBD has risen to popularity in the UK because of the fact that it may help relieve symptoms caused by inflammation, heart conditions, and cancer. CBD can also be used to help with anxiety and stress while also helping stimulate appetite and preventing nausea.

In terms of products, Vibes CBD has a small selection of options. However, their products come in a variety of strengths as well as selling their broad-spectrum CBD in tinctures and even capsules. In terms of strengths, the products start at 1000mg and go to 2000 mg, which may be intense for some but perfect for those in pain.

One of the only downsides of Select CBD’s products is that they come from the US, so if you live in any other part of the world it may take some time before you get your delivery. Otherwise, Select CBD is a great choice when choosing a brand of CBD for your furry friend.

Clear dosing – CBD retailers use so many different cannabidiol concentration markers, it can be difficult to compare products and actually work out how much CBD you’re getting. So, we’ve created our pet CBD oil sprays with 5mg of CBD per spray. Simple!

CBD helps your pet’s Endocannabinoid System (a cell-signalling system responsible for maintaining homeostasis) to function properly. And one of the roles of the ECS is to promote a healthy and regular appetite. So, why not try using pet CBD oil for fussy and finnicky eaters?

CBD is a powerful, natural anti-inflammatory. It helps the body to limit cytokines which helps to regulate inflammation response. Therefore, recent studies have shown that using CBD for pets can help to limit joint pain and pain from inflammation


Pet-friendly flavours – Let’s face it. When finding the best CBD for pets in the UK, this really comes down to finding something your pet will actually eat. That’s why we’ve created a sausage-flavoured oil for dogs and a fish-flavoured oil for cats!

Always consult a veterinarian before use.

Recent studies show that cannabidiol helps to reduce nausea in both pets and in humans. For this reason, pet CBD oil is often given to animals suffering from cancer. It’s also another reason why pet CBD oil can help with promoting a great appetite.

It can be difficult if your pet suffers from anxiety! Because don’t we all just want our pets to be happy and healthy? – CBD helps the brain to produce more serotonin (nature’s happy chemical) and the calming amino acid, GABA. Therefore, research has shown using CBD for pets can help to support anxiety

The benefits of CBD are very attractive, but with research still in its early days, dog owners have been wondering if it is safe to use.

However, CBD products can come with some side effects, so it is important to be aware of these and speak with your vet if you have any concerns. Many say that CBD for dogs is a great idea and if you do decide to go with it, there are many Cannabidiol oils and CBD dog treats to choose from.

You can take this as a rule of thumb and vary as you see fit. However, it’s always best to start low and then slowly increase the dose. If you’re anyway unsure, consult your vet and they can give you advice.

4. Honest Paws Dog Treats

As things stand there are no official CBD dosage for dogs recommendations from the Animal and Plant Health Agency in the UK. Instead, you must base their amount on your dog’s weight and the issue being treated. It is a good idea to start with a small CBD oil dosage for dogs and work your way up, rather than giving an excessive dosage that may bring unwanted side effects.

If you’re looking for a wide variety of dog treats at a fantastic price then MediPets CBD Treats might be the company for you and your dog. They have broad spectrum dog treats with CBD dosages from 3 mg CBD per dose and up to 5.5 mg CBD per snack and have some tasty flavours like salmon, cheese and beef. MediPets also donate some of their profits to a local animal rescue centre, Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation.

CBD sprays are a relatively new and pretty self-explanatory concept. Essentially, they’re CBD housed inside a carrier bottle that can be easily applied through a sprayer.

If you have a small dog like a Bichon Frise that weighs 5 kg, it would be a good idea to start on a small amount of 0.5 mg to 1 mg. On the other end of the scale, a large dog like a 50 kg Rottweiler should be given a dose of 10 – 11 mg.