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cbd oil dischem

Dischem Pharmacies stock a number of cannabis and hemp-based products on their shelves, such as CBD Oils food supplements, topical tinctures, oral tinctures, and massage oils.

Dis-chem is one of South Africa’s oldest and most well-loved Pharmacy chains, and among the first to begin stocking cannabis and hemp-based products.

CBD oil Dischem price:

They also sell some specialist items such as hemp protein supplements and body washes and are a quality cannabis-based health product provider in South Africa.

Unfortunately, we have not tried Dischem CBD oils yet since our favourite online dispensaries all offer a wide range of CBD products.

Dischem Sells Releaf CBD Oil starting at R500 as Dischem, as well as Re:think for the same price. The dosages start at 400mg which makes them low-cost and great for first-time users. Elixinol and Cannabex start a little higher, at R700.

The statement also points out that SAPS is mandated to and will act, not only against businesses that sell cannabis illegally, but also against the customers who buy these products.

Since hemp and cannabis come from the same plant, many people still confuse hemp with its narcotic cousin. But hemp contains higher levels of CBD and lower levels of the psychoactive element THC (that makes you “high”) than marijuana.

According to the statement, products with low concentrations of CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the psychoactive substance that gives one a “high” – are legal, based on the 12-month exclusion notice published by the health minister in May this year.

How does one identify legal CBD?

In a media statement by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) and the South African Police Service (SAPS), the following warrants special attention:

Raw: the oil is black or dark green in appearance since it has been extracted from raw hemp material, with no further purification process implemented. This type will contain plant matter, and varying amounts of THC and chlorophyll.

The certification ensures that, through analysis, the natural integrity of the products is maintained. Check the labels and read the instructions carefully, as the dosages can have different strengths.

Since CBD was removed from South Africa’s list of highly-controlled drugs, there has been an influx of retailers stocking various CBD products. However, CBD oil comes in varying degrees of strength and quality.