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cbd oil cause nightmares

The logic behind Tayag’s suspicion that the CBD oil caused her nightmares is sound — after all, the dreams started when she started using the oil, and stopped when she stopped.

The cannabis compound that doesn’t get you high is seemingly everywhere right now, so when Tayag received some CBD oil as a gift, she didn’t see the harm in smearing it on her forehead before bed, according to a story she penned for Inverse.

Conflicting Reports

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, gave Yasmin Tayag terrible nightmares. Or maybe it didn’t.

And the science on CBD’s effect on sleep was about as contradictory as the anecdotal evidence, as Tayag would learn from the published research and her conversations with both cannabis and sleep experts.

When the hellish nightmares started, the CBD was the only thing she could think to blame — but her subsequent investigation revealed that, despite its growing ubiquity, no one seems to really know what CBD does.

There has been a lot of talk lately about the health benefits of using CBD, which is derived from marijuana. However, CBD oil is often confused with THC, the part of marijuana that gets you “high.” However, CBD is actually just a component of marijuana that does not have any high in itself, but still gives health benefits such as lower levels of anxiety and a better night’s sleep.

While CBD oil may give you sleep benefits, that does not mean it will have any effect on your dreams. While it is possible that you may have more vivid or memorable dreams by getting a better night’s sleep through the use of CBD, the CBD itself will not induce any wild night time flights in itself. If anything, by using CBD and going into a deeper sleep, you will enter into the REM, or rapid eye movement, stage of sleep. This stage is where dreaming and the remembering of dreams takes place. Anything aside from this will not happen because CBD oil does not possess THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is what recreational users of marijuana use to get high. CBD will simply put your body at bit more at ease.

CBD might or might not weird your dreams out, but it’ll definitely give you better deep sleep #HealthStatus

A 2018 thread in the r/CBD subreddit asked: “Anyone else noticing hugely enhanced dream recall?” The answers were all over the place. One user touted its ability to prevent dreams. Another noted a shift to vivid dreams that “aren’t scary anymore.” Someone else said theirs were “vivid but in a negative way.” Articles on cannabis sites with titles like “Will CBD Give You Weird Dreams?” suggest that the experience is not uncommon.

CBD did seem to induce a heaviness in my body not unlike the embrace of a gravity blanket. Whether real or placebo, it felt as though the weight of it filled up my empty spaces, stopping up the openings where discomfort and anxiety thrive. Maybe that’s why I slept so solidly. But why was waking so stressful?

CBD and Sleep

From Vigil’s perspective, experimentation is a good thing: Patients, he says, should be “forced to interact” with what they put into their bodies.

When I asked whether any other users had reported weird dreams from any CBD product, they elaborated:

In April, a Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine study that Shannon was involved with showed that oral CBD combined with routine psychiatric care reduced frequent nightmares associated with PTSD.