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CBD Oil – Bipolar Medication – And Pain Medication




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CBD Oil & Bipolar Medication & Pain Medication


There was a choice to be made and it involved my CBD Oil, my Bipolar 1 medication, and my pain medication. I found out that the CBD oil has an antipsychotic within it, and it was reacting to my risperdone, one of my Bipolar medications. I had to choose which one I was giving up and although I have been on risperdone since April 1990, I chose CBD oil because of the pain and anxiety relief it is giving me.


The CBD oil has replaced the Diazepam (Valium) as my anxiety medication. As it is working with the Lyrica 150mg. I take for Fibromyalgic nerve pain, I have been able to reduce my pain pill from 1 every 6 hours to 1/2 every 12 hours with a great deal less pain. I think it is remarkable, and I am amazed to be on the way to coming off the opioid Oxycodone. I started taking Hydrocodone 7.5 in April 1990 and took it for 24 years, changing to Hydrocodone 10 for 2 years.

 Oxycodone Pain Pills 


The Pain Specialist changed the medication from  Hydrocodone 10 to Oxycodone, which is Percoset 10 two years ago. Thus, I have been on an opioid for twenty-eight (28) years. I have never before had a replacement for pain relief until the CBD oil, so now I can have pain relief with the Lyrica and the CBD, and come off of the opioid! I had my pain problem solved to a great degree, 1/2 pain pill every 12 hours, and then there came the Risperidone interactions. I read and studied a good deal about it, ask a lot of questions, then made up my mind. Stop the Risperidone!


Risperidone is an antipsychotic


Thank you, Quora, Quote!

“To note, antipsychotic withdrawal is commonly missed, dismissed, or misdiagnosed, meaning many patients end up mistreated as persons or in the medical sense of the term. Because antipsychotics commonly cause psychosis as a withdrawal symptom or drug rebound effect, many patients are told they are “relapsing” or that they have some entirely new diagnosis.


This is usually followed by the determination that taking more drugs is the best step, all the while ignoring that drugs caused the problem in the first place. It can lead to a lifetime of drugging based on faulty premises.


As for suspected risk factors, a history of taking multiple medications, tapering multiple times, tapering too quickly (or quitting cold turkey), and having a difficult withdrawal experience previously may contribute cumulatively to more numerous or intense withdrawal times.”

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 Risperidone is an antipsychotic



CBD OIL And Lyrica Pain Medication


Going forward from here with CBD Oil 1000mg. 5 drops morning and evening, and 1/2 pain pill Oxycodone 6 am and 6 pm. daily. Until I am off of the opioid and am only using the CBD oil and the Lyrica I take for the nerve pain, I will not be satisfied. Now saying that I feel like I should say, ‘I have learned to be content’, but obviously, I haven’t!


I am having the flu-like symptoms that come with withdrawals from opioids, and some of the gastric symptoms, but so far not a lot. I am of the opinion the CBD oil is helping me with the gastric symptoms for there have been studies done about the gastric system and CBD and cannabis, The Miracle Plant. It has long helped chemotherapy patients with nausea, vomiting, and to have an appetite.


Cannabis & Your Health 



Myasthenia Gravis and Mestinon


My disease and disorder list reads like a spelling bee! Myasthenia Gravis was diagnosed in 2008 by an Opthalmagist, an Optician, and then a Neurologist. I started seeing double so I saw the Optometrist who took care of my eyes, and he told me I needed new glasses with something special he was going to put in them. I waited a week for my special made glasses and they did not help me see anything but double-vision. When I had my new prescription the optician ask me to try something before I spent money on the glasses. He was a friend of my husbands but I didn’t listen.


The optician who made my glasses said there is nothing special about these glasses, but I will do what your doctor said. If you don’t want to see an Opthalmagist then come back in a week and your glasses will be ready. After two weeks with the new glasses and I still saw double, I called the Optician and asked for the name of the Opthalmagist. He examined my eyes and ask me if I had ever heard if Myasthenia Gravis and of course I hadn’t. He suggested I see a Neurologist as soon as possible.


Myasthenia Gravis 

Myasthenia Gravis and Double-Vision


Thank goodness, I had a neurologist because of my lower back trouble, so I called her and ask to see her. She knew all about Myasthenia Gravis. Her specialty was MS but she was well acquainted with MG and the other Muscular Dystrophy Diseases. She set me up on a regimen of Mestinon 180mg. Time Release mornings, and Mestinon 60mg. noon, 6 pm, 12 pm and some tests. When I had a series of Myasthenia Gravis Crises in 2010, she added Myclophenolate 500mg morning and evening daily. Three years ago she added an IVIG every 4 weeks because I was so weak and my immunities were gone.


Now the IVIG is every 3 weeks and this last time I had been on CBD oil for two weeks and that last couple of days I did not get so tired. I had continued to have the same trouble with my eyes for ten years with my eyelid getting droopy. I had learned to read while seeing double on my computer, I was just slow. Four days before my last IVIG my eyes became focused and it only lasted a short while but it was wonderful! I was watching TV and I was amazed, I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t say a word. I got out my computer and read something and it was so easy!


That night I didn’t sleep! I knew I needed to rest my eyes but they kept flying open to see if I could still see straight. Along about morning they were so tired I went to sleep and the first thing I thought when I woke up was not, “How bad do I hurt? But I can see!” It was still wonderful! Things have sure changed since I found CBD oil!


 CBD BioCare Products



CBD Oil & CBD BioCare Products


I want to tell you I am not only taking CBD oil, I am selling CBD Products and I want you to be able to order them. They are for sale online and in some stores. Ours are made from the Full-Spectrum Cannabidiol Plant grown organically in the United States.


I will wrap this up and write more tomorrow on


Thank you for reading along with me! Please leave me a comment if you wish!


I will be Blogging here while I change the type of pain medication that I use. With the basic pain medication being the one I take for my Fibromyalgia, as it is not an opioid.


Here is where I tell you that any advice implied on this website is only for informational purposes. What I tell you about my health applies only to me. Your body and system are different and you need to see your healthcare provider before starting or stopping any medication.




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