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SensitiveCBD opened its doors in March 2018, putting their first two stores on the map. The company is dedicated exclusively to CBD and hemp derivatives and can be found in central Barcelona, ​​near the Jaume I metro stop.

What’s more, Off-Grass CBD Store does what no other CBD shop does. They invest in their own third-party laboratory testing to confirm every promise and every claim. The company also partners with top brands and offers exceptional prices to make sure its customers never have to compromise.

CBD-rich products are available in retail stores of the largest Spanish cities, including Barcelona. Despite the ban on CBD foods and supplements, local CBD brands keep offering various CBD products. There you can buy CBD products for any taste, such as CBD oils, flowers, honey, biscuits, vapes, e-liquids, creams and many other products.

Certificates of Authenticity (COA)s

Sativida CBD is a medical dispensary and the best shop for various CBD products such as CBD oils, creams, crystals and seeds. The company has a group of doctors, laboratory technicians and scientific advisors who specialise in cannabinoid treatments and ensure the quality of their CBD products. There are also commercial agents to help you find the most suitable product for your needs.

Spain is a member of the European Union (EU) and organises hemp production in accordance with EU regulations. It is permitted for farmers to grow industrial hemp with less than 0.2% of THC, but laws surrounding the buying and selling of CBD products have become stricter.

The sun (almost) always shines, the food is good, the people are open-minded, and the culture is international. You are close to the mountains and closer to the beach – there are a myriad of reasons why you would want to visit Barcelona. If you are passionate about art, visit the city centre’s Gothic churches or Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia. If you like the smell of the sea, go to the Barceloneta harbour. And you definitely can’t miss the enormous garden of Park Guell with its distinct architectural elements or the must-see Camp Nou Stadium if football is your passion. There are many well-kept green spaces for you to enjoy, as well as a number of amazing bars and restaurants.

While you can simply click the “purchase” button on the website that offers international delivery, shopping for CBD in physical stores provides a more pleasant atmosphere. You can touch the products, see them in the flesh, ask the sales assistant for advice and take your product home immediately!

The delivery time of our CBD products depends on your location. Usually we ship to all of Spain in 24 hours and to the rest of Europe in 2-3 days.

I recommend them. I wrote to them on WhatsApp and they called me to clarify my doubts. Super fast shipping and very well packaged. Good prices and very compact flowers with good flavor.

CBD oils available in our online Cannactiva CBD Shop are 100% organic, there are no other substances added to the CBD oil. The oil includes a wide range of other cannabinoids that are naturally present in the Cannabis Sativa L plants.

How to buy CBD products online?

CBD oil could technically be any oil base (hemp, coconut, etc.) enriched with CBD.

We will continue to taste more delicious flowers !! ??

CBD extraction refers to the method used to obtain cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. In the CBD market today, we can find multiple CBD products with very high concentrations of cannabidiol, even pure CBD, in crystalline form. To achieve these forms of product, refining methods are required far away from what nature initially offers us, which is a plant rich in aromas, flavours and oils. That is why at Cannactiva we keep close to the origin of the practice and without going any further we offer you a product practically intact from the moment it leaves the field until it reaches your hands, preserving the natural properties that Cannabis has.

Fast 24h / 48h delivery with express delivery

Anyone who will show up at the door of a CSC without this mandatory requirement, will not be welcomed.

Not everybody can join a cannabis club in Barcelona. Go to check if you meet the requirements to be a member of Sweet Oil cannabis club.

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To join a cannabis club is necessary to follow a registration process, which can not be completed if the applicant does not have an invitation and/or there is no availability.

There are requirements to satisfy in order to join a cannabis club in Barcelona. Go to check how to be a member of Sweet Oil cannabis club.

The spreading cannabis culture in Barcelona is taking the city to the next level in terms of Medical Marijuana treatments.