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After you are prescribed a medicinal cannabis product, you can request and purchase your prescribed product. Your medication will then be delivered to your door. If you prefer, we can send your script to your local pharmacy.

Am I eligible for medicinal cannabis?

Alongside traditional forms of treatment, medical cannabis can provide long-term relief from these conditions.


Whether you are suffering from a mild or severe health condition, CBD oil and medicinal cannabis may be a great natural treatment option. Our dedicated team will provide you with ongoing support and will answer any questions you have. We are passionate about the role of cannabinoids and plant-based medicine in modern healthcare. All our friendly and trained medical professionals know, and believe in, medicinal cannabis.

Many countries around the world have already legalized the sale of cannabis products which can be purchased online or over the counter. The increased availability world-wide has led to a revolution in cannabis and hemp products with a reemergence of this once historically medicinal plant along with its many industrial uses.

Yes. CBD oil is legal in New Zealand with a doctor’s prescription after medicinal cannabis regulations were passed on April 1st 2020. These regulations allow you to purchase CBD products from a pharmacy using a prescription, although not all pharmacies stock CBD oil in New Zealand so you may need to look further into this with your medical practitioner.


Hemp and cannabis both come from Cannabis Sativa L. Other species of cannabis also exist, mainly Indica (Cannabis sativa indica), which originated in India and then spread throughout southeast Asia, and Ruderalis (Cannabis ruderalis), which is native to Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. Sativa also originated in eastern Asia.

Due to the overwhelming amount of evidence in the medical literature on CBD and the effectiveness of products derived from hemp, many products have been developed and later approved by governments to be prescribed by medical practitioners. At this time, cannabis products in New Zealand are regulated by Medsafe and the Ministry of Health.

If you want to buy CBD Oil NZ you’ll need a prescription from a licenced medical professional.

The CBD market has exploded in the USA. As CBD gains steam here, we aim to be at the forefront, pushing it steadily along so more patients can experience the many benefits of CBD that other parts of the world are taking advantage of.

be imported only by a medical practitioner or pharmacist for a named patient.

Products are not currently available in NZ. Under current NZ legislation CBD can

Blessed CBD Promise

CBD oil may be new to many, but it’s not to us here at Blessed CBD.

Our small operation is not fazed by competition, the desire for high profits or the need to be known around the world. What we don’t like is low-quality CBD oil being passed off as beneficial and effective.

Please contact your health care professional for a prescription if you think CBD oil is right for you.

For a while we considered sitting on the side-lines, as our family run operation doesn’t have the massive marketing budget corporations have at their disposal, but soon realised we are passionate enough to make an impact in the lives of people.