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CBD Oil – A Change In Pain Medication





A Change In Pain Medication


Today is a new day and a new post on my Blog on my website about my change in pain medication. I am coming off of the opioid Oxycodone and planning on using only the Pain medication prescribed for the Fibromyalgia. I am still going to be taking Aleve over the counter for headaches for it is the only thing that works for me. I have headaches due to TMJ dysfunction, and I wear a brace to make myself more comfortable.


The main change going on for me is the CBD oil I started two weeks ago. Having it recommended to me by a friend for anxiety and pain, I was amazed by how well it worked for the anxiety. Before I say another word about it, I want to tell you, I am both taking CBD oil and selling CBD BioCare Products as an affiliate. I am very well pleased with this product!


Myasthenia Gravis  and Fibromyalgia


Last evening the nurse came to my house and I was given my IVIG to help strengthen my immunities. For they are lacking, and need help or I am susceptible to a Myasthenia Gravis crisis. An MG crisis is serious and life-threatening. Because of the Myasthenia and the COPD that I have I am on oxygen, and I would like to get stronger and get off of it.


Fibromyalgia and  Myasthenia Gravis both have a ‘brain fog’ with them that causes confusion and forgetfulness. I have since April 1990, been taking Diazepam (Valium), and this drug is a narcotic causing sedation. So when I realized it was time to come off of the narcotic and the opioid in my medication list, I started first with the narcotic, Diazepam. On February 25, 2018, after two months of preparation, I took my last narcotic for now. I hope, forever!


Myasthenia, Fibro, Narcotic, And Opioid Fogs

It is four months later, July, and I am working on the opioid. It is going to be another battle, but I am much better prepared for I have CBD oil in my tool chest of helps! Now I can’t do anything about the Myasthenia or the Fibro fogs, but the fog from the narcotic is gone and I can think a little clearer. When I can clear my head of the Oxycodone I will have removed a major fog and critical block to thinking!


This is my second week on 1/2 a pain pill, and it is so far better than I thought it would be because I am receiving so much help from the CBD oil with my pain. Two weeks ago without CBD oil on a full pill, I hurt much worse than I do today! I always woke in excruciating pain after sleeping past pain med time. In the morning I would wake up crying, and I couldn’t help it, it was the bone- searing pain! Now I am not! I am taking the 1/2  pain pill every 6 hours but soon I am going to every 12 hours.


 CBD BioCare Products


CBD Oil & CBD BioCare Products


I want to tell you I am not only taking CBD oil, I am selling CBD Products and I want you to be able to order them. They are for sale online and in some stores. Ours are made from the Full-Spectrum Cannabidiol Plant grown organically in the United States.


I will wrap this up and write more tomorrow on


Thank you for reading along with me! Please leave me a comment if you wish!


I will be Blogging here while I change the type of pain medication that I use. With the basic pain medication being the one I take for my Fibromyalgia, as it is not an opioid.


Here is where I tell you that any advice implied on this website is only for informational purposes. What I tell you about my health applies only to me. Your body and system are different and you need to see your healthcare provider before starting or stopping any medication.




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