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Shannon Mahanty reports on a period drama

Weeding out the roots at Hari’s salon on Fulham Road

Everything you need to know about CBD yoga

CBD oils, cookies, smoothies and massages have taken over the Internet – and the latest craze is CBD yoga. But what’s it all about?

Annabel Rivkin finds some dream helpers for her insomnia

Giving up alcohol or just want to cut back on drinking? This could be a good alternative

TILT and the Shinnecock Nation have announced a historic partnership centered on cannabis cultivation, processing, dispensaries and consumption lounge facilities on Long Island

State attorney general approves language in petition to regulate marijuana like alcohol

Delta-8 is a cannabinoid that technically appears to be legal because it’s derived from hemp, which itself is legal. But because delta-8 is also psychoactive like its chemical cousin delta-9 (marijuana), use of the hemp-based THC molecule has been banned by at least 12 states and is under review in at least four more.

New controversy raises questions on where federal officials stand on hemp

Report from review site FitRated shows nearly 42 percent of all cannabis users are consuming the plant more than ever for their workouts

Tyler Marshall, University of Alberta and Jonathan N. Stea, University of Calgary

Post-doctoral researcher, UCL

Medicinal cannabis users in Victoria could soon be allowed to drive with THC in their system. Is it safe?

Professor and Chair of Pharmacodynamics, University of Florida

Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Drake University

Distinguished Professor and Head of the Department of Pharmacy Practice, University of Connecticut