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cbd hemp oil legal in florida

Federally, CBD oils are containing more than 0.3% THC are still illegal and considered a Schedule I drug along with heroin, meth, and LSD.

Your best bet for finding quality CBD oil products in Florida is usually to purchase them online. However, there are many places locally that carry CBD oil in-store.

Is CBD Legal In Florida?

Your physician may not certify you with more than six 35-day supplies of smokable marijuana. One 35-day supply is limited to 2.5 ounces, but you may not possess more than four ounces at any one time.

Charlotte’s Web is low in THC and therefore doesn’t get the user high.

Additionally, the local newspapers printed articles stating that marijuana is a poisonous, mind-wrecking substance that should have never been allowed in the United States.

Aside from Florida’s specific requirements, most reputable CBD producers will typically include the following information on their CBD product labels:

The Hemp Farming Act of 2018, which was signed by President Donald Trump on Dec. 20, 2018, legalized industrial hemp cultivation on the federal level and created a pathway to remove some cannabis from Schedule I status by creating a legal distinction between hemp and marijuana. Hemp is classified as cannabis that contains less than .3% THC by weight, while marijuana is cannabis that contains more than .3% THC and is therefore still categorized as Schedule I.

When it comes to online sales, CBD is most frequently found on brand-specific websites. You can find trusted CBD brands on Weedmaps.

Where to buy CBD in Florida

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a non-intoxicating substance found in cannabis. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

Even though hemp strains don’t produce enough THC to produce intoxicating effects, all types of cannabis, including hemp, were considered illegal under the 1970 Federal Controlled Substances Act. The law swept all cannabis into the Schedule I category, which defines a substance as having a high potential for abuse, no accepted medical use, and a likelihood for addiction.

As research remains ongoing, there is a growing body of evidence pointing to CBD’s potential efficacy in various medical applications.

The federal legislation places regulations on the production and sale of hemp, including hemp-derived CBD products. The Farm Bill also provides that states may regulate and even prohibit CBD cultivation and commerce. In addition, states may attempt to regulate CBD food, beverage, dietary supplement, and cosmetic products, independently of the FDA finalizing its views on such products.

Any person or, business that wants to sell CBD oil in Florida in 2021, must become licensed through the state to do so.

It's a simple process that starts when a person ingests CBD oil externally, either by mouth, inhalation methods or, topical applications. Once into the blood-stream, cannabinoids find their way into the endocannabinoid system , where they go to work. CBD molecules naturally interact with receptors found in systems and cells throughout the body. This interaction occurs in specific receptors called CB1, and CB2.

At Florida CBD Connection , we've developed an in-depth analysis of the CBD oil laws in Florida. Then, we've compared them to recently changed federal CBD oil laws. The intent is to clearly define & answer, the following questions;

Is Hemp Oil Legal in Florida?

All CBD oil in Florida must contain less than, .08% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) per volume, for any products to be considered legal.

Then, in 2017 Florida voters approved Amendment 2, which legalized medical marijuana, and CBD oil in Florida for qualifying patients. The final legislation is Senate Bill 8 A, The Medical Marijuana Use Bill. It greatly expanded the qualifying conditions to become certified, along with taking away the 90-day wait period from the previous legislation.

There are specific health & wellness benefits that researchers and scientific studies have shown are useful to treat many medical conditions, illnesses, and symptoms. These studies also provide us with clear-cut evidence, that CBD oil in Florida, does not produce the negative side-effects that other, more traditional medications do.

This Bill was specifically designed to expand the medical marijuana industry by, making more dispensary licenses available, repealing the marijuana smoking ban, and making CBD oil legal in Florida, in 2021 .