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cbd hemp oil benefits for dogs

It’s best to buy a CBD oil with and adequate CBD than a cheap one with less purity and CBD. In most cases, the bigger the price the higher the quality. Go for products with good quality.

Cannabis oil can serve to trigger the production of feel-good hormones and enhance brain activity, which keeps the dog calm.

Make sure the company is registered with the right body, and all the products are tested for the presence of possible contaminants and toxins in the product.

How Can I Choose the Best CBD Oil for My dog?

CBD is great at enhancing the activity of the immune system and reducing the possibilities of auto-immune diseases and inflammations.

The best CBD product for dogs should come highly recommended by previous users. You can study the user review posted on the product’s website. Also, you can ask friends for some recommendations on the best cannabis oil products to purchase.

CBD oils come in different categories ranging from full-spectrum CBD oil, broad-spectrum, and pure isolate oils. While full-spectrum CBD oil may contain little to no THC (usually less than 0.3%), broad-spectrum CBD oils contain all the cannabinoids except THC. As a precautionary measure, it is pertinent to note that only CBD products made for dogs should be used.

5. Pricing

So it seems that although research is limited, hemp oil may provide numerous health benefits for our hairy little best friends.

For humans, CBD hemp oil is normally consumed by placing a drop of the oil under the tongue, or in a tablet or edible form. The oil can also be applied topically to the skin, or inhaled by smoking or ‘vaping’ it.

If there’s something seriously wrong with your dog, the best thing to do is contact your veterinarian immediately. For less urgent issues, however, it’s always a bit of a relief to learn about new potential forms of treatment.

Aggressive Behavior

Peter also says hemp oil can act as an anti-inflammatory, and is effective for treating inflammation-related pain in dogs, as well as other forms of pain as well.

She therefore strongly recommends that you never give your dog CBD products without checking with your veterinarian first. Sounds like pretty sensible advice to me!

She also says hemp oil can help to reduce nausea and vomiting and increase your dog’s appetite if he is undergoing chemotherapy. So it is probably worth considering hemp oil at least as a therapeutic, stress-relieving treatment if your dog is suffering from cancer.

She also suggests only buying from companies that are independently tested, and that provide a certificate of analysis. That way you can be sure that you’re actually getting what it says on the label.

Overall, hemp oil is a safe and versatile herb that can be a great addition for most dogs. Just make sure you do your research and give your dog a high quality full spectrum hemp oil.

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If your dog is on any of these meds, it doesn’t mean you can’t give hemp oil … but it’s safest to check with your vet first.

BONUS: Hemp Oil Is Safe For Dogs

Hemp oil shows a lot of promise for degenerative myelopathy and other spine and nerve issues. It’s also been shown to help patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Kozela E, Juknat A, Kaushansky N, Rimmerman N, Ben-Nun A, Vogel Z. Cannabinoids decrease the th17 inflammatory autoimmune phenotype. Dec 2013. 8(5):1265-76.

Another important property of hemp oil is that it can inhibit the production of inflammatory macrophages. This is an important step in decreasing chronic inflammation.

So, if your dog is suffering from anxiety, hemp oil would be a great way to keep him relaxed when he’s uncomfortable.