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cbd health solutions review

Received next day. Excellent. Thanks

The Salve Stick is the best pain remedy that I have found in a long time. On my way to buy 2 more tomorrow.

Quality, CBD Products without THC. The owner, Melanie, is always willing to answer any questions.

Received next day

There were no directions on how to use the product so it ended up being a waste of money.

Never had any problems always awesome service and super friendly!

Excellent products and customer service. I like the mint chocolate chip flavored tincture.

Good quality and nice costumer service👍🏻

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After taking opiate based painkillers for 11 years for chronic lower back pain I found this treatment effective and very liberating from side effects, withdrawl symptoms and general health decline from opiates.

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I would walk lightly around companies that say that are going to send a sample but instead withdraw boat loads of money out your account. The company I ordered from was Health Natural CBD Oil. It has happened to me and I am not happy. As far as the product how it works for me? I would say fair. Works on my feet pretty well, other areas not so great. I have OA pain thoughout my body. Somedays I can.