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cbd health and wellness

We are each unique, as are our bodies and the way we respond to nature’s compounds. So, as with all nutritional supplements, trial and error may be required. The way you take or apply CBD also matters, as does the health challenge you wish to relieve.

The therapeutic prescription of cannabis dates back millennia. Ancient Chinese texts report benefits for headache and pain, mood and insomnia, menstrual irregularities and anaemia, muscle tension and convulsions. But how might this be at all possible?

As a general rule, start with a small dose and work up to find the right amount for you.

CBD food supplements

Here’s what to expect on the shelves.

There are different types of CBD oil. The choice you make matters, particularly from a legal perspective.

Are you interested in creating a vibrant body and mind? Have you begun to question the veracity of popular health advice? Or maybe you’ve heard people talking about CBD benefits for their wellness routine?

But death is not the only concern.

We believe in our products, and so do our customers!

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Better Hemp Means Better Product

What has typically taken 12-14 steps in traditional hemp extraction is accomplished in 2-3 steps without the hemp product ever touching a hazardous chemical.

This makes our product the highest quality product available.

H&W utilizes a minimally invasive process to extract the hemp by targeting the cannabinoids, terpenes, and beneficial plant matter in as few steps as possible. This allows us to create a much higher quality product compared to Ethanol or Co2 extraction methods.

We bring you the highest quality 100% natural and THC free product available on the market today!