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cbd cured my insomnia

CBD isn't the same as THC

I don't know why I waited so long to try it!

What is CBD?

I have had terrible anxiety for years, which appears to have distorted my memories in high school. In other words, I remember acting like an idiot a lot and being way more embarrassed than I needed to. meanwhile, there were actually a lot of good memories that I could have been looking back on instead.

I have to admit. I know some people can't stand the idea of weed as medicine because of all the negative stereotypes and horror stories. However, you don't have to take any THC at all; there are oils that just have CBD in it. It certainly still tastes like weed, but it doesn't give you any high whatsoever. If you are running out of treatments and nothing seems to help, why not try CBD oil? You deserve to be happy. and this just might be what you have been looking for all along.

Weed is legal in Canada now! Yay! So I finally decided to buy my first bottle of CBD oil; mind you, my oil had .25mg of THC in it. however, I don't feel like I notice it at all. Probably because it's such a small amount.

Give yourself more time. When I'm running 5 minutes late for everything, all day (which I am most days), I have a really hard time switching gears once I'm home. As soon as I started adding a buffer between things, say giving myself three hours to write an article that I think will take me two, I was able to relax much more—and still somehow get everything I need to done. I've also gotten into the habit of taking ten minutes to meditate everyday. More than anything, just allowing myself to have ten minutes free works wonders.

Get yourself accessories. I'm an incredibly light sleeper, but what's helped for me is sleeping with ear plugs and an eye mask that doesn't slide off easily. Find what works for you and use it!

My inability to sleep is like an "on" or "off" switch I don't have access to. On "on" nights, I don't fall asleep for even a second. And when I do manage to sleep, I'm an incredibly light sleeper, so that if my cat so much as sneezes in the next room, my eyes basically fly open like Jon Snow being resurrected.

What better a place to begin a post on insomnia than at four in the morning, typing into the glow of my laptop at the tail-end of a sleepless night? I've struggled with sleep for my entire life. My mom claims that all of my baby photos are of me sleeping because it was so rare that she would snap a photo any time it happened. In elementary school, I went to a therapist who recommended I try "counting sheep," as if the imagery of bellwethers prancing over a fence was the key I'd been missing. In high school, I went to a sleep specialist who essentially confirmed, "It looks like you're a restless sleeper." 

On that note. wake up at the same time every morning, even on weekends. My daily alarm is set for 6:05 AM so that I can keep my sleep rhythms consistent (I usually try to go to bed by 10 PM). And while it's tempting to sleep in on the weekends, I try not to unless I feel like I absolutely need it. It does help though that mornings are my favorite time of day—I prefer to wake up closer to 5 the morning after relaxing nights at home. If you're a night owl, I highly recommend reading this recent NYT article (by Joanna Goddard's husband!). 

I take a 1:1 CBD / THC tincture when I need it. I have tried every sleep aid in the book—Nyquil Zzzzz (a.k.a., overpriced Benadryl), sleeping pills (more on that below), melatonin, herbal remedies—but the one that I've found to be most effective, without making me groggy in the morning is weed. I love the 1:1 tincture Professor Snook's makes of CBD and THC. (Note: If I have too much THC, I wake up in the middle of the night the same way I do with wine.) I take the recommended dose, which is 5 drops, or 8 if I really need it. If you don't live in a state with legal recreational marijuana, I suggest trying a CBD tincture to see if that alone works for you! 

Avoid desserts at night, and drink tea instead. I'm pretty sensitive to sugar rushes, so I avoid it completely at night. Instead, I like to drink either an herbal tea like chamomile with Moon Juice's 'Dream Dust' mixed in (no honey added) or the Four Sigmatic Reishi Hot Chocolate, blended with a tablespoon of coconut butter to make it creamy. I'm not positive they aren't placebos, but they still never fail to help me relax.

I think that one reason why depression and anxiety contributed to my insomnia is that I had pervasive thoughts and worries when going to bed, where I simply could not shut my mind off in order to go to sleep. Anxiety from the day would develop into tension I could not release when it was time to rest and forget about the day. Identifying that I had anxiety and depression was half the battle, and then understanding that it was causing my insomnia was a big breakthrough or turning point.

The Solution I Found

I battled insomnia for a long time. until I found CBD.


Here are some studies that show how CBD helps insomnia.

In my mind I knew that insomnia is a common problem to have, but in my heart I felt all alone. I kept denying it was a problem, as I thought it should be a simple matter that I should be able to address and fix on my own. Accordingly, I turned on myself and I became really frustrated with myself. It made me feel lonely. The lack of control to do something natural that I had always been able to do in the past only exacerbated my pre-existing anxiety.

I had tried prescription medications for depression and anxiety, but I found the side effects of being on medication to be of equal weight with the benefits. Then I tried CBD oil after reading about the various ways it helps improve sleep , and it made a world of difference. CBD oil calmed me and helped ease my anxiety so I could sleep. Better sleep helped in turn with my daily ability to manage anxiety and stressors that had kept me tossing and turning at night. While depression had been a factor for me prior to my having insomnia, getting a good night’s sleep on a regular basis, in my opinion, helped replenish and restore my mind at night, so I became stronger and felt less empty and depleted during the day. When people with insomnia are 10 times more likely to have depression and 17 times more likely to have anxiety, results like mine cannot be ignored. This natural remedy has restored my sleep life.

My other health conditions that contributed to my battle with secondary insomnia were depression and anxiety, and I felt like my insomnia was part of a downward spiral with them, and insomnia only caused my symptoms to intensify.