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CBD Oil – Bipolar Medication – And Pain Medication

       CBD BioCare Oil Products   CBD Oil & Bipolar Medication & Pain Medication   There was a choice to be made and it involved my CBD Oil, my Bipolar 1 medication, and my pain medication. I found out that the CBD oil has an antipsychotic within it, and it was reacting to …

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anxiety CBD oil CBD Products getting off opioids narcotic opioid Oxycodone Valium

How To Avoid Severe Opioid Withdrawals When Quiting Opioids

      How To Avoid Severe Opioid Withdrawal When Quitting Opioids   I have been on opioids by prescription for at least twenty-eight years, and I have learned so much about this fact of my life! First, I had to get off the narcotic, Diazepam (Valium), so I could think clearly about my medications. I …

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