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can you buy cbd oil in arkansas

The document also helped clarify how hemp-derived CBD products are to be sold in the state. For the products to be coined as ‘publicly marketable hemp products’:

Hence, ASPB has been a critical player in establishing the natural state’s rules regarding CBD. On August 31 st , 2018, the ASPB released a document that intended to clarify the essential rules for CBD in the state.

Is CBD Legal in Arkansas?

With CBD establishing itself as an industry of its own and growing vastly in the health and wellness market, it is natural for state residents to wonder where one could easily score this compound praised for having many health benefits.

This also means that cannabis-derived CBD products are considered illegal in the state. However, this is except for patients who participate in the state’s medical-marijuana program.

The bill removed all forms of hemp-derived CBD from Arkansas’s list of controlled substances. It also included CBD products that aren’t approved by the FDA. The bill has made the CBD market in the state less restrictive compared to federal rules.

CBD derived from industrial hemp contains little to no THC (the active ingredient in marijuana that makes you feel “high”). In 2014, the US Federal Government passed the Agricultural Act (also known as the Farm Bill), which allows farmers to grow industrial hemp.

The state of Arkansas has issued more than 30 licenses to dispensaries, of which only nine are currently working. If there’s no dispensary near you, you may be able to find CBD in other places, including vape stores, head shops, or health supplement retail outlets.

Buy CBD Oil in Arkansas:

How does CBD fit into Arkansas law?

Once all dispensaries start operating, there will be a few more options for finding your favorite CBD products locally.

There are many products available online to suit all of your CBD needs. The CBD industry is growing and continually changing, which can make it difficult to know which is the right product for you.