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The plant Cannabis sativa is a narcotic except for certain varieties of so-called industrial hemp. In Sweden, the Supreme Court has ruled that the exemption from drug legislation that exists for industrial hemp with a THC content below 0.2% does not apply to preparations. Natural CBD oil is usually produced from industrial hemp and the oil usually also contains THC. CBD oils that contain THC are therefore narcotics.

Svensk Egenvård is of the opinion that sales of CBD should be legal and sold on the open market. By following the current regulations, they have continuous conversations with Livsmedelsverket and Läkemedelsverket.

Unfortunately, as it stands today, sales of CBD oils in Sweden is illegal. Läkemedelsverket is of the opinion that CBD oils are a drug, meaning that products have to be approved as a pharmaceutical for sales in Sweden. There are currently two approved products on the Swedish market: Sativex och Epidyolex.

The following applies in Sweden:

The message Svensk Egenvård receives from Swedish authorities is that they are awaiting any approved novel food applications. Svensk Egenvård will inform their member companies immediately when the conditions for selling CBD oil in Sweden change.

The EU has decided that CBD is a so-called Novel Food. This means that CBD is a new food that needs formal approval to be sold. No approval has yet been issued. When this happens, several Member States will certainly change their national legislation.

The European Court of Justice and the European Commission have ruled that CBD is not a narcotic. It is a step in the right direction, but the drug classification in Sweden still applies. The ruling in the European Court of Justice does not automatically mean that CBD oil should be regarded as a dietary supplement.

In addition to CBD, the plant Cannabis sativa contains many other substances, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is covered by narcotic legislation.

In their bid to win more customers, a lot of brands often end up misleading them. Buyers confuse between hemp oil & CBD oil and sometimes buy the wrong products. Hemp oil products often lack CBD content in them and are extracted from the seeds of the Hemp plant, while CBD comes from other parts of the plant.

It is natural that with the rising demand for CBD among consumers, there will be many vendors offering it. So, how does one find the best CBD oil out there? To be able to find the right cannabidiol oil, we must understand what exactly these products and what you should expect from them.

CBD oil comes from the plants of Cannabis. Amongst the various active ingredients found in the cannabis plants, Cannabinoid is a group that has some interesting compounds which have got the researchers working on them. Cannabidiol or CBD components of the cannabinoid group that has numerous benefits related to health.

What to Watch Out For?

To give you a quick answer, brands like Nordic CBD oil and products from Natural Hemp Life may be the right product for you. Make sure to check them out.

Also, depending on why you want to use CBD, you may want to check the amount of it in the product. Your doctors may prescribe you a certain amount to start with and it Is best to stick to the dosage they advise you.

Other than the mentioned mental health issues, CBD is also used by people for their efficient workouts. The beneficial compound is very useful in treating sports injuries and athletes undergoing a recovery love CBD oil for managing injury-related pain.

Many CBD advocates today often claim it to be beneficial in treating skin problems. Reports suggest that, from treating eczema to hydrating the skin, CBD oil and its products are extremely useful.