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buy cbd oil mississippi

Lastly, shopping online is, by far the least expensive way to find quality CBD products. Online retailers can offer discount prices and special offers that you likely wouldn’t find locally.

Selling under an ounce can get three years of prison time and a $3000 fine.

You should be able to find CBD locally without much trouble.


You should be able to quickly track down more information about the company online, which may be difficult if you choose to shop in-store.

Mississippi has some of the strictest marijuana laws in the United States. There are ways to purchase CBD legally, but you need to be aware of the legal climate regarding marijuana before placing an order.

However, there are a few steps you should take to protect yourself from the shady companies trying to take advantage of uninformed customers.


If you want to buy CBD oil in Mississippi, you have two main options. You buy CBD oil online or offline via local stores near you. Of course, both options come with their own pros and cons. All you need is to specify your stronger preference.

Marijuana contains relatively higher amounts of THC, making you feel high, and can be addictive. It is also called the psychoactive compound of cannabis plants. Meanwhile, hemp contains lower THC but higher amounts of CBD. Its THC content usually falls with only 0.3%, and often less than that.

Recommended CBD local stores in Southaven

Making a purchase is also never complicated. All you need is your shipping address, certain payment methods, and you are good to proceed. Yet, before making a purchase, here are few tips when choosing an online shop.

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Both marijuana and hemp contain CBD, but the one we can buy in CBD stores comes from hemp. This is the recommended CBD, as the marijuana-derived contains higher THC, a cannabis compound with a psychoactive effect.