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I remember reading an article about the history of the Charlotte's Web CBD oil brand. Some parents had excellent results in reducing the number of their children's epilepsy fits with the first few batches of CW. After that, they reported that it either stopped working, or, in some cases actually made the children worse.

Not all products work for everyone. Some people swear by isolates, but most of them do nothing for me.

I am relatively new to CBD, started using it about 3-4 weeks ago. The first product I tried was the Active hemp oil with 125mg in a 1oz bottle ( and loved it instantly with a dosage of about 3.4mg 2-3x a day (holding it under my tongue for 2-5 mins). I used it up so quickly that I decided to try something a bit stronger, and after doing some research decided to try Bluebird because of their price and their legitimacy of verified testing.

I've tried the 250mg hemp complete, signature blend, and brainpower hemp blend (dosing about 4.2mg 2-3x a day) and just don't feel like it is doing much for me, if anything. With the Active brand I felt it almost instantly, but every time I try Bluebird I just don't feel much at all.

I am using CBD for inflammation, mild pain, and general depression. When I was taking the Active brand it made me feel painless and generally in a better mood throughout the day, but I am not getting the same effects with Bluebird.

So they make a good product and they are also good people. No complaints.

Hm, that is strange that a product from a company with such a good reputation is not doing anything for you. I can only think of one thing that might be causing it.

The Signature blend is kind of nice. A little peppery. A little basil aftertaste. I'm not sure it's a flavor I want first thing in the morning, so today I tried 3 droppers of their Classic (I bought the 3 samples). So far, so good. I feel pretty focused and balanced.

Last night I took 3 droppers of Bluebird Botanicals 250+ Hemp Signature. I held it under my tongue for a full 2 minutes. Not a huge amount of CBD, but for the first time I felt it almost immediately.

I have general anxiety and severe social anxiety. It is very common for me to back out of plans, or for me to go out, feel miserable, leave early, and spend the rest of the night depressed.

I went out. I went out to a club for a sold out show. I stayed the entire time. I stood in the crowd the entire time. I had fun. I got a little anxious toward the end of the night, but no huge wave of panic.

Fingers crossed that this keeps working for me. It'd be nice to be kinda normal.