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Blue Moon Hemp’s CEO, David Fleischer, was delighted to pick up first prize in Leafwire’s Future of Cannabis Pitch Contest. The event took place in Miami in late 2018, and each entrant had three minutes to pitch their products and an additional three minutes to answer a Q&A.

Once again, you have several options, including special CBD gummies with melatonin to help you sleep. Here is a quick list of prices:

Review of Blue Moon Hemp CBD Tinctures

Overall, Blue Moon Hemp makes high-quality CBD products which are available for an affordable price. The fruity flavors of some items might be too much for some consumers but generally speaking, they taste good and work well, which is all you really want.

There is a lot to choose from; so much in fact that we didn’t get close to trying everything. Options include:

Blue Moon’s CBD Shatter contains 99.6% CBD and you get to 1 gram for $39. We recommend using it as an e-liquid because it works out being far cheaper!

Blue Moon Hemp CBD is dedicated to making it as easy as possible for consumers to use their natural, plant-derived, and hemp-based products.

The company also sells a variety of CBD pet products. For dogs, customers can purchase a bacon-flavored oil in 250mg, 500mg, and 1,000mg. Additionally, Blue Moon Hemp offers a bag of CBD dog treats (100mg). For cats, there is a Bluefin tuna-flavored oil in the strength of 250mg.
[Costs range from $15 to $59]

The tinctures are available in pure, peppermint, and berry flavors and can be purchased in a diverse range of strengths. Customers can choose between 500mg, 1,000mg, 2,000mg, and 3,000mg. The higher-strength oils are ideal for seasoned users. Blue Moon Hemp uses nano-technology and high-speed emulsion methods to create a micro-encapsulation of the molecules, resulting in greater bioavailability.
[Costs range from $39 to $149]

Best Blue Moon Hemp Products: Product Selection & Costs

Blue Moon Hemp takes pride in carefully sourcing their hemp, and all of their products incorporate very potent full-spectrum CBD. While the company doesn’t have official organic status, they only source from Kentucky farms that use organic growing methods. For instance, no pesticides or herbicides can be used on the hemp plants. Additionally, they use supercritical CO2 extraction, which, while expensive, is one of the safest methods available.

Those interested in Blue Moon Hemp products can purchase them from their official site and various retail stores. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t ship CBD vape products to the state of Washington. Blue Moon Hemp also ships to a handful of international countries such as Puerto Rico, Israel, and the UK. While it would be helpful to know this information before checkout, visitors to the site will find a complete list of available countries during the checkout process.

It’s also important to mention customer reviews. It’s common to visit a CBD brand and see an incredible amount of reviews, so much so that it makes you skeptical about their authenticity. However, Blue Moon Hemp has an expected number of positive customer reviews, and that’s reassuring.

Blue Moon Hemp does accept returns within 30-days if you are a new customer and within 15-days if you are a returning customer. Simply email or call the customer service team to begin the refund process. If products do arrive broken or damaged, customers have a 3-day timeframe to contact the company, which unfortunately, seems like a fairly rigid policy.

Whether you want to vape CBD, take it under your tongue or apply it topically, then they have the best you need. Their mission is to create CBD products that offer a positive impact on the wellness for their consumers and here at Flawless CBD, and we believe the same thing.

Additionally, their CBD products are nut-free, vegan, gluten-free, and doesn’t come with artificial flavouring and colouring. They have stood out on the market because of their process in which they nano-emulsify their CBD products. This means that their CBD particles are smaller compared to the common CBD formulas that you can find.

Who Is Blue Moon Hemp?

Blue Moon Hemp is a Florida-based company that has a CBD line-up that ranges from tinctures, vape juices and concentrates. They source their ingredients from non-GMO hemp of Kentucky farms and following organic growing practices. They have CBD isolates on their formulas, and it is suggested to be safe for everyone.

Established in 2015, Blue Moon Hemp is a famous brand that believes in great experiences. As such, you can expect that they focus on the overall quality of their products, transparency, and overall well-being. They know that you deserve better, and that’s why they have their own range of premium hemp CBD products.

Our products are made from organically grown CBD plants and are the best quality available on the market today. We have also tested each of it and do a background check on the top brands to determine their capabilities and processes.