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Autoflower seeds will automatically flower with age, regardless of the light cycle. Thanks to exciting new autoflower genetics and unique hybrid autoflower strains, it is now possible to grow multiple harvests in a single growing season. From seed to harvest, auto flower strains typically take about 8 to 10 weeks to mature, while some sativa hybrids can take up to 12 weeks. With these expedited harvest times, it’s no surprise that feminized autoflowering seeds have gained such popularity among cannabis growing enthusiasts.

Grow your seeds fast. Spend less effort on cultivation. Increase your harvest yield with auto flowering weed seed now. It’s the newe, revolutionary way of growing cannabis for beginners and veterans alike.


Autoflowering seeds are modern cannabis hybrids of the Ruderalis species of Cannabis plants. Autoflower strains transition from the vegetative growth stage into the blooming stage automatically. This tends to occur four to six weeks after planting the seeds. Many auto flower seed strains will be ready to harvest in less than 10 weeks from seed.

Autoflower weed seeds grow well indoors and out, and come in both feminized auto and regular auto flowering varieties. Feminized Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds are specifically bred to become all female with no production of males, while regular autoflower marijuana seeds will produce a 50/50 male to female ratio.


When you buy autoflower seeds, it’s essential you understand how they work for both indoor and outdoor grows. Firstly, a seed can be both feminized and autoflowering or have none of them at all.

True autoflower seeds USA will flower automatically when they reach full maturity, regardless of the lighting conditions around them. Auto feminized seeds flower automatically and produce female flowers, otherwise known as buds. All growers must fully understand the content of their seed packets to plan their growth accordingly.

Feminized seeds that fail to flower until the light cycle around them is altered are known as photoperiod seeds. To make it easier to know which autoflower seeds for sale you should purchase, keep in mind most shops will refer to feminized photoperiod seeds as feminized. In contrast, feminized auto seeds are known as auto flowering weed seeds.

Understanding the distinction enables growers to choose the autoflower seeds that are best suited for their needs.


Like most plants, Cannabis regulates its growth cycles according to the amount of daylight it receives. As the days get shorter, the plants acknowledge their need to propagate before winter arrives. This forces the plants to mature and develop their reproductive organs in the hopes of making seeds for future offspring. That is how photoperiod flowering marijuana strains work. However, Autoflowering varieties are different.


Autoflowering cannabis plants follow a measured timeline for their entire duration of growth. As soon as the seeds germinate, they adhere to a strict schedule pre-designed by genetics. The plants develop based on maturity instead of photoperiod. Autoflower strains began with the Ruderalis subspecies. Ruderalis differs from Sativa and Indica plants in that they are low profile sized plants that will enter and complete the flowering phase regardless of available daylight hours. Ruderalis grows wild between Eastern Europe and Central Asia, with a high distribution in Russia.

Modern Autoflowering strains are hybrids of Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis genetics. Breeders carefully select phenotypes that adhere to the auto flowering criteria. The cannabis marketplace has seen a dramatic upsurge of Autoflowering strains due to significant quality increases. Auto strains commonly grow from 12-24 inches (30 to 60cm) tall and yield about 0.5 – 2 oz/plant. Most Autoflowers will go from seed to harvest in 8-10 weeks, considerably faster than standard indica or sativa varieties.


Autoflower marijuana strains are easy to grow, faster to flower, and tend to tolerate harsh weather and pests better. Commercial and small-scale growers can both appreciate the benefits of producing fast-growing crops of forgiving plants. Growers often choose Autoflower strains because they can achieve more harvests per season and also because the autos are well suited for perpetual harvest growing. Another distinct trait of Autoflowering plants is that they remain low profile and thus are a good option for stealth growing outside or in indoor gardens with limited vertical grow space.

Exploring the benefits on a micro level will enable you to make an informed decision on the right seeds for your next cannabis grow.


Autoflower cannabis seeds have been genetically altered to grow faster than ordinary cannabis. The average time it takes from planting to harvesting is ten to eleven weeks. Theoretically, it is possible to alter the light cycles to encourage faster growing among regular cannabis plants. Still, it will always take less time to take auto seeds from sprout to flower.


Environmental conditions make growing cannabis potentially problematic. An autoflower strain is naturally more resilient to harsh outdoor climates.

Sudden changes in the weather throughout the summer months make it challenging to get a reliable harvest. Autoflowering cannabis seeds can contend with even the most chaotic weather patterns to guarantee a completed grow cycle from seed to harvest.

Growers living in less than ideal climates will experience a superior crop using an autoflower strain.


Newcomers to the world of cannabis growing may feel overwhelmed by the science surrounding growing cycles, hydroponics, and lighting requirements.

These cannabis seeds offer far more flexibility and will not fail to flower and mature because of a minor mistake here and there. Enjoy a short growing cycle and benefit from a more forgiving strain.


Unlike the long growing cycle of ordinary cannabis seeds, the autoflower option provides the chance to enjoy back-to-back harvests without diminishing the quality of the final result.

Consecutive harvesting opportunities enable commercial growers to enhance their profits and recreational growers to gain a greater return on their efforts.


Autoflower Cannabis seeds start the same way as all cannabis seeds. We recommend following the How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds article. After the seeds have successfully sprouted, you can prepare your pots.

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Because auto flowering strains do not easily tolerate transplanting, the Air Pruning method is advised to help to manage the roots if you are planning to eventually transplant them outside. Once the taproot reaches the bottom of the container, it will signal flowering for the plant. The Air Pruning method helps keep the roots from making that connection and makes it easier to transplant outdoors.

Growing high-quality cannabis with seeds from an autoflower seed bank for the first time can be intimidating. Opting for autoflowering feminized seeds enables growers to streamline their introduction to growing.

Despite the ease of growing these seeds, ensuring maximum yields via the proper setup is still vital. These seeds may be grown both indoors and out, but for more control you should opt for an indoor grow. The choice depends on an individual’s home-growing environment.

Here’s a detailed guide to growing autoflower cannabis.


Maximizing yields means getting everything in place to gain as much control over the environment as possible.

Growers will need:
  • Smart Pots – More expensive but come with breathable fabrics to ensure soil aeration and a superior grow.
  • Hydroponics – Ensure seeds get the right amount of water through a hydroponics system. Some climates may not require this with outside grows if rains are predictable.
  • Fertilization – These seeds require fewer nutrients to reach their potential. However, a high-quality cannabis seed fertilizer remains essential.
  • Indoors vs. Outdoors – Beginners will find getting the optimal yield is easier if they start indoors. An indoor environment provides more control over environmental conditions.
  • Lighting – Invest in a high-quality lighting system. Autoflowering cannabis seeds may be more resilient and flower by themselves, but a quality lighting cycle will still contribute to their success.

Beginners can get started for a few hundred dollars. Experienced or commercial growers may look to invest in cutting-edge vertical grow systems to ensure the highest quality cannabis possible.


The germination process takes roughly one to three days. The seeds will activate and put down roots into the soil before poking up above the soil surface.

Prepare an appropriate soil mix filled with nutrients. Unlike other varieties of cannabis seed, autoflowering marijuana seeds prefer light and airy soil. Experiment with nutrient boosters to provide further strength to germinating seeds.

Fertilizers differ in quality, so shop around and experiment for the ones that get the best results. Many growers have their preferences regarding which autoflower-fertilizer combinations work for them.


The seedling has emerged, and photosynthesis has truly begun. A simple 250W LED light is enough to fuel the growth at the late seedling stage. This setup will produce a single large plant per square meter. The LED should be turned toward the blue color spectrum during the early stages.

Apply nutritional formulas designed for the seedling and vegetative phases. Unlike photoperiods, growers need only apply 25%-50% of the dosage required for ordinary cannabis seeds.


The vegetative stage is primarily about maintaining optimal conditions for autoflower seeds. Some more experienced growers may also apply low-stress training to maximize their growing space.

Fan leaves will have formed at the vegetation stage, bolstering the photosynthesis process. Growers should aim to double their fertilization and reposition their LED light roughly one meter above the canopy of their plants.

The vegetation stage should put the plant at roughly 15 cm in height.


Make any final training adjustments because the next stage is the plant’s flowering. Current environmental conditions, such as air temperature, must be maintained. Lights should be repositioned to just 70 cm above the canopy to intensify the photosynthesis process.

Growers may notice the formation of pre-flowers on the plant’s nodes. Any training should be completed, as putting undue stress on the plant during bloom will cause problems.

Utilize garden ties to pin down additional growth. The plant’s canopy must be flattened, and future bud sights maintained at the same level.


Week five will launch the flowering stage. Small sacs covered in hairs will emerge at the plant’s nodes. Eventually, these will turn sticky and full of resin. The plant should have reached an estimated 30 cm at this point.

Alter the settings of the LED light from blue to red to encourage budding and the expansion of the plant. Nutritional needs alter at this stage, with less demand for nitrogen and higher demands for nutrients like potassium and phosphorus.


Maintain regular checks upon the plants until week eight. Buds should look thick and resinous, with harvesting imminent.

Flush the plant by ceasing any further nutritional intake. Add as much water as possible and wait for the plant to drain it away. Repeat the process multiple times for two weeks to remove excess nutrients and improve the taste of the buds.

Growers should also begin defoliating with trimmers. Cut away the fan leaves from the lower nodes and any leaves that seem shabby. Defoliation increases light exposure and mitigates the chances of mold development. Providing as much light as possible increases yields and packs each bud full of flavor.

Some leaves may become discolored or even fall away from the plant in the following weeks until harvest. Beginners should not panic if this happens. It is a normal part of the flushing process, as the leaves essentially defoliate themselves. It indicates that the plant has been flushed successfully.


Most autoflower seeds for sale will be ready for harvesting on week ten. Buds that are ready to be harvested should be milky in color. The trichomes should contrast with the red-brown hues of the pistils.

Only harvest the buds that are ready to be harvested. Progressive harvesting is perfectly acceptable, as every strain will differ.

Note that some autoflowers may take longer to flower and come to fruition. This does not indicate a problem with the plants.


Autoflower plants tend to become stressed from overwatering much faster than photoperiod flowering strains. It’s best to let the soil dry out between waterings instead of feeding them when they are still damp. Pick up the plants to feel the weight of the pots in order to judge how much water may still be present. Or stick your finger into the soil to feel how dry it is. Another way is to watch the Turgor Pressure of the plants. When they start to slouch it means that the cells lack water and the plants are ready for another feeding.

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For indoor gardens, Autos will flower under anywhere from 12-18 hours of light. You can adjust this schedule according to the needs of other plants in your garden at the time. Most autoflower varieties will finish flowering after 10 weeks from showing their first true leaves. Auto strains do not handle topping or training well. It’s best just to let them grow vertically. Pay attention to the trichome development like with traditional strains. Often the main cola will finish before the side branches so you can progressively harvest as the buds develop. Some auto strains with more Sativa genetics can take longer to ripen than Indica or pure Ruderalis ones.


Premium Autoflower seeds should be procured from experienced and reputable breeders. offers top-quality Autoflowering seeds from varying genetics such as Indica, Sativa, Feminized, High THC, and CBD. Our marijuana seeds are created using elite tested genetics and provide extremely high germination success rates.


Make Seedbank your number one choice for high-quality autoflowers. Our seeds have been developed without GMO tactics or toxic pesticides and insecticides. These autoflowers are designed to create the smoothest tastes while being resilient to changes in weather conditions.

Seedbank takes pride in providing quality seeds produced in America at affordable prices. Shop our Autoflower Seed bank now to learn more about why growers are increasingly turning to online vendors to access top-tier seeds for top-tier cannabis.

Cannabis Seeds

If you’re looking for seeds to grow premium quality cannabis, you’ve come to the right place because this is exactly what we offer. Look no further since our weed seeds allow you to produce the finest cannabis you can lay your hands on. And with Fast Buds genetics, it will only take you about 10 weeks from seed to harvest.




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Thanks to years of selection and innovation, Fast Buds marijuana seeds grow vigorously and offer high yields, regardless of growing experience, making them a perfect choice for beginners to experts. Since 2016, we’ve been entering our strains into international competitions and are proud to say we have won over 20 awards.


Here at Fast Buds, all of our strains are put through a meticulous process of selection in order to guarantee the highest germination rate possible. We stand behind our genetics and can claim some of the highest rates on the market. That being said, we understand that things can always go wrong which is why we are happy to replace any seeds which fail to germinate. After all, we wouldn’t want you to miss out on the chance to grow our amazing autoflowers.


Our customers are what keep us going and motivate us to be the best autoflowering seed bank around. This is why we put an extra effort when it comes to giving our customers the best service they could ask for. If you ever have questions or doubts about an order, shipment or about our website, we have a customer service team ready to help quickly and efficiently. We also provide anyone who is in need of grow advice with top tips and recommendations from highly experienced and qualified growers who have been in the game for years.

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What is Cannabis?

Known to users as “marijuana”, “weed”, and by many other names, cannabis is a plant that naturally produces THC and other mind-altering chemicals. And like in any other plant species, it’s the seeds that contain blueprints for everything, culminating in the buds that you’ll smoke. You won’t need any special “green thumb” magic to get there. Just take care of your plant’s basic needs, such as light, watering, and nutrients, and let genetics do the rest.

Which Cannabis Seeds?

With Fast Buds seeds, you can be sure of your cannabis potency, as well as exceptional aromas and tastes. But not all weed strains are created equal, and it’s worth learning a thing or two about cannabis to make an informed choice.

What Are Feminized Seeds and Why Choose Them?

All cannabis strains in the Fast Buds catalog are feminized. In contrast to “regular” cannabis, feminized seeds only grow into female plants—the ones that produce buds for smoking. So with feminized cannabis seeds, you don’t have to cull males when you spot them in your garden. With every seed you sow, you’ll get 100% action and 0% waste.

What Are Autoflowering Seeds and Why Choose Them?

Cannabis in general is a short-day plant, meaning that it will only start flowering when days get short enough (which happens in late summer). But autoflowering cannabis doesn’t have this limitation. No matter how long or short the days are, it’ll move through every stage of its life cycle automatically.

All Fast Buds strains are autoflowering, and these are the advantages of using them:

  • enjoy 30% faster grow cycles,
  • have multiple harvests in spring, summer, and fall outdoors,
  • grow vegging and flowering plants side by side indoors,
  • get the same yields and quality as with traditional cannabis.

3 Best Steps to Find Cannabis Seeds Tailored To Your Needs

The first cannabis you grow yourself will be so good you’ll wonder how it can be any better. Until you grow your second. And the third… Before you know it, you’ll be on a lifelong quest for that one perfect weed. But is there a way to choose in advance between the simply great and the mind-blowing?

Use Our Filtering Options

Our filters let you choose between different cultivars based on such characteristics as climate, plant size, yield, and ease of growing. You can filter out the results even more by selecting your favorite flavors and the level of potency you’re ready to handle. And if you know the meaning of the terms “Indica”, “Sativa”, and “Hybrid”, choosing the right type will tell you a lot about what to expect from both the cultivar and the smoke it produces.

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Read Our Researched Tips and Customer Reviews

Once you’ve got the shortlist of strains using our filters, check out each of them and read the detailed info. We’ve taken great pains to make our descriptions graphic and accurate, so you’ll know exactly what to expect from each of our cannabis genetics. And numerous customer reviews will give you even more perspective.

Get in Touch with Cannabis Experts

Start a chat with our support team to get all your questions answered. You can get tips about particular hemp seeds and the way they grow and smoke or learn about the art and science of cannabis cultivation in general. We respond quickly and are professional, patient, and polite.

How to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online?

Buying cannabis seeds through the Fast Buds website is as easy as online shopping in general. Just choose the seeds you like, add them to your cart, and proceed to checkout. You’ll be able to choose your favorite payment and delivery methods, default discreet or extra stealthy packaging and fill out the address. After that, confirm your order and wait for its speedy and safe arrival.

How Important is Aroma?

It’s no secret that most seed shoppers choose their cannabis strain by smell. Hence all those delicious-sounding names. The special chemicals in the plant called terpenes not only determine the flavor of your smoke but affect the character of the high. Experienced users can even deduce the type of the effect by the description of the weed’s aroma. And so will you someday, and we envy you a lot of exciting discoveries that you’ll make along the way.

The Legal Bit

Our beautifully packaged seeds are really collectibles. Check out your local legislation: chances are that you’re prohibited from germinating hemp seeds and growing plants from them. What you do with your purchase is solely your responsibility. We urge you not to germinate our cannabis seeds if your local law says it’s illegal.

Is cannabis legal?

The legality of cannabis plants varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Also, some limits to their cultivation may apply. Be sure to check your local laws.

Not sure which cannabis seeds to choose?

Any cannabis seed bought from us will turn into a first-rate plant. To find one tailored to your needs, use filters, descriptions, and customer reviews, or chat with our customer service.

What do cannabis seeds look like?

About 3 millimeters big, weed seeds are roundish, with only a slight elongation. They are covered by a firm outer shell that (in mature seeds) is dark, often spotted or striped.

How to germinate cannabis seeds?

Keep them warm and moist between wet paper towels and put them in the soil as soon as they’ve shown taproot.

How to store cannabis seeds?

Best store them in the fridge door or in a dark cool place. At all costs, avoid exposing them to moisture.

How many cannabis seeds per plant?

Experienced growers will get their harvest of buds from every seed. Beginners are encouraged to buy twice as many to compensate for fatal mistakes and emergencies.

How long do cannabis seeds last?

Stored in dry, cool, and dark conditions, in airtight containers or original packages, seeds can last several years with only a slight decline in their vigor and germination rates.

Do you ship seeds to my country?

We probably do. Click the Buy Now button on any strain page and see if you can find your country in the drop-down list under the Shipping address. Alternatively, ask our online support.

What are the easiest cannabis varieties to grow indoor/outdoor?

Apply the Growing filter above the list of strains and check the “Easy growing” option. You’ll find that about two-thirds of our seeds are marked as easy to grow. Reading their descriptions, you’ll see that some of them are especially hardy outdoors.

How do I decide which grow method and equipment to buy?

Start by reading one of our comprehensive guides on autoflower cultivation. Focus on the basics and choose the simplest of methods (soil, hand watering, minimal training) for your first cycles. We also have guides on grow setups and equipment.

What is the difference between auto and photoperiod cannabis varieties?

They react differently to light cycles (duration of days and nights). Photoperiod cannabis flowers only when they get a dark period of 12 hours or more. Autos move through their life cycle automatically.

What is the best site to buy cannabis seeds?

Our website is among the best. See our Trustpilot scores. The choice and quality of seeds, the information and navigation, as well as the shopping experience itself are all superb.

What seeds are best for growing marijuana?

If you grow marijuana for its buds, feminized seeds are your best bet. We’d also recommend most growers, especially beginners, choose autoflowering varieties for their ease of growing, high potency, and exquisite flavors.

Which seed bank is best?

There are a few established leaders on the market that sell their seeds by millions and win international awards. Fast Buds is among them and an undisputed leader in the ‘feminized autoflowering seeds” category.

Autoflowering Seeds

California’s finest strains. Only autoflowering hybrids. Autoflowers are a special type of cannabis which will automatically flower about 3-4 weeks after germination, and without the need for the light schedule to change to 12/12. On average, autoflowers take around 30% less time to grow than traditional cannabis plants, saving the grower about a month of their time. In warmer climates, this makes it possible to harvest outdoors up to 4 times a year. They also grow perfectly in northern countries, where the summers are very short. Right now, autoflowers are the most popular and advanced product in the world of cannabis seeds.

The cannabis seeds marketed by SeedsPlug® are items intended for collectors and genetic preservation. The use of seeds and other marketed products for any purposes contrary to the current legislation is expressly prohibited. SeedsPlug® will not sell or send cannabis seeds to countries where their possession or trade is not legal. SeedsPlug® has established several controls to comply with this regulation.
Check limitations of liability .

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