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aura cbd oil uk

Although Aura CBD have been great so far, one thing we haven’t managed to find for this company is any trusted source of third party reviews. We couldn’t find any Trustpilot or pages for the company, so we reached out to Aura CBD to see why this is. According to the team at Aura, the MHRA said they had to remove the reviews as they equate to a medical claim. They also asked the company not to display lab reports. To be fair to Aura CBD they do have 3k likes on their Facebook page which is pretty impressive.

The range of CBD oils sold by Aura CBD appears to be their most popular offering. Available in concentrations ranging from 5% to 30%, Aura CBD actually have a pretty comprehensive selection of CBD oils to choose from – more than 10 different choices!

What are the reviews like for Aura CBD?

Another thing to mention is that Aura CBD are a vegan friendly company and are a virtually zero waste company. They package everything in paper and only use recyclable packaging, impressive stuff!

For some people this huge choice of CBD oil might be a little overwhelming, especially when some bottles have different labels, names and have different descriptions to explain what’s actually inside. But part of us actually respects Aura CBD for putting so much effort into their CBD oil range. As long as Aura CBD can provide guidance to anyone feeling overwhelmed when looking at all of these CBD oils, we think it’s probably a good thing to have more choice.

One thing we love about Aura CBD is their extensive FAQ section – you really get a feel for their passion for CBD and they have nothing to hide, which is very refreshing in the CBD industry!

CBD pastes have not been mixed with a carrier oil, and therefore provide CBD in the purest form. People who are extremely health-conscious may find that paste is their preferred option, even though the hemp taste comes through more strongly. CBD pastes come in a syringe rather than a dropper, with measurements to make dosing easy.

So, what about their actual products?

There are two options available from Aura CBD:

Aura CBD Oil

Aura CBD Pros

Aura CBD has been in the industry for a while and knows how to keep on the customer’s good side. As a result, they follow good manufacturing practices and use all organic products. There are a number of different products available, too.

Aura CBD has gone down the chocolate route. In line with their other products, they are vegan chocolates that are made using raw cacao powder and no dairy whatsoever. The taste is still chocolatey and delicious, but quite mild so as not to be overwhelming. They taste like milk chocolate, to be specific, and so people who are not fans of bitter tastes won’t mind these.

But why waste your time? Here at Greenshoppers, we review the products for you so that you can compare a wide range of products in one place. Today, we will be looking at Aura CBD to help you decide whether their products are worth it.