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Are Opioid Withdrawals Over?

Are Opioid withdrawals Over?     Note: July 30, 2018

August 9, 2018 – 10 Days Later

On July 30, 2018, with hopefulness, I asked if the withdrawals were over?

I am answering on August 9, ten days later to say, “No, they weren’t over!”

Part of my withdrawals had to be a short time recognizing I had stressed my physical body too much for the Myasthenia Gravis. I don’t know what strain the opioid put on my organs over the years, but I have reason to have concern about my liver. One of the primary symptoms of Myasthenia is an extreme weakness, and I feel exhausted, too. Diarrhea every day, even in a mild form causes me to be fatigued and unable to move.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome started years ago, and I developed more severe gastric issues as the stomach problems progressed through the years. From acid reflux to bleeding ulcers, and my stomach finally had to have surgery to rebuild the opening from the esophagus. Due to these issues, I have a long-standing problem with diarrhea, so one of the things I was so happy to see relief from was the symptoms of the IBS when I started using the CBD oil. 🙂

Myasthenia Gravis and Mild Withdrawals

For someone with MG even mild withdrawals were almost too overwhelming. My problematic diarrhea that had been brought under control with the CBD was out in force with the withdrawals. It has been explained to me what I could have dealt with where withdrawals were concerned and that I was very ‘lucky’. I was not ‘lucky’, it was the CBD! I know how CBD is controlling the pain I have coped with for many years!

Now it is ten days later, and my system is settling down. I am thrilled to pass on to you the fact I am thinking clearer. I have also been given my IVIG and it always strengthens me, yes, I am sure it is what keeps me alive.

One of the benefits of the CBD for me is the double-vision I have had since 2008 is quite a bit better, for I have many hours of the day that my vision is in focus. I thought I was in remission with the Myasthenia Gravis until I felt the unending weakness. I guess the mild withdrawals were just too much to stand up to the Myasthenia.

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CBD Oil and A New Day For Me

The pain relief CBD oil gave me inspired me with hope to achieve success in withdrawing from the opioid I had been on for a long time.

Trusting CBD to provide relief from severe withdrawals and pain, I only treated the symptoms. Flu medicine for the flu-like symptoms, fever, and sinus involvement, mild diarrhea, and cold chills. I didn’t have any lung or heart involvement, or other more serious symptoms, such as a Myasthenia Crisis.

Now I only take Lyrica for the Fibromyalgia nerve pain, an anti-inflammation medication for arthritis that is not addictive or mind dulling, and most important the CBD for inflammation and pain.

For gastritis issues, a good diarrhea medication helps. I think when everything settles down, CBD will control my gastric symptoms again.

So yes, this is a new day for me! I look forward to knowing what is going on around me, and more of being there for the people I love. I feel like I have awakened from a long sleep. I have heard that if someone starts drug addiction, they stop maturing at the age where addiction began.

Since this has been told to me as fact, I guess I am thirty-nine and seven years younger than my daughter in emotional maturity!

CBD BioCare Affiliate

The CBD Oil I chose to use is from because when I researched the companies producing CBD I looked for a product made in the United States. I wanted a  Full-Spectrum oil extremely low in the psychoactive component THC. 

To me, it is important that it is organically grown without pesticides for I am so tired of complicated drugs. CBD BioCare is processed with oxygen and delivered to me without unneeded additives in the mail or by UPS.

I like the product and the company so much I decided to become an Affiliate for and sell this awesome oil. I can say I use the product daily and the selling plan for Affiliates is extremely good if you are interested in making extra money from home.

Your system is different from mine and I can’t tell you what it can do for you. I am not a medical professional and can’t advise anyone and anything I write here is for informational purposes only. I am blogging my story as I live my life, and I am sixty-seven years old and am steadily learning.

Thank you for reading along with me! Leave me a comment or suggestion!

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