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After Opioids What Happens


After Opioids What Happens?

You must ask yourself, after opioids what happens? First of all, you wake up! As the opioid leaves your system, and it is not fully out of mine yet, you begin to notice things. Awareness can be a gift, and it also can be a curse.

Being more aware of your own habits and faults can be discouraging, but now you know you can make a change where needed.

Allow yourself to be joyful about the good things you have accomplished or had a hand in during those under opioid or narcotic years. I was on both for twenty-eight years from the age of thirty-nine to sixty-seven, 1990-2018.


Anxiety and Agoraphobia

I have always lived with Social Anxiety Disorder, even though I was diagnosed late in life. All I knew was that I was nervous, tense all the time, shy in front of people, except when I would have a space of time where I could get in front of a small group.

Then I had four years of true agoraphobia where I had a difficult time leaving my house and letting anyone in to see us. My daughter was a teenager, and she began dating outside sitting on the picnic table in the front yard. My children had to do a lot of understanding and forgiving.

Anxiety and Temper

Finding the thing I have the least control over and the biggest problem with is my temper, I continue to try. I wonder if anger management is where I need to study and put what I learn into practice.

So, I am taking it slow at this time and not falling into hasty conclusions. Being fully aware the opioid is still leaving my system, it is not a time to make decisions.

The CBD, causing a reduction in the excretion of substances from the liver, promotes a build-up of medication. It is difficult to sort through my medications by myself and find out what is building and causing side-effects.

At this time the side-effects are causing false emotion, and I have been a Bipolar 1 on medication too long to not know this fact.


Search For Medication Adjustment

Searching medications and their effects I soon realized one was doing me harm. Librax also contained a benzo as I learned from a doctor. It had been prescribed for me for a gastrological illness.

Quote: “Librax contains chlordiazepoxide (benzodiazepine group medicine) which is likely interacted with Lyrica and caused side effects like difficulty concentrating, thoughts and movements.” End Quote., Dr. Malik.

So I had to weigh the value of the drug Librax to my system. It was prescribed to help take care of the worst of the symptoms of the gastritis and prevention of further stomach ulcers.

The medication Librax was a Fall Hazard, and my insurance would not pay for it. We had to buy it on a discount card, and couldn’t afford it, so that was a mark against it.

I was still coping with the same symptoms I told the doctor about twenty years ago when I first went to him. It seemed to me it was time to end the medication and more than that, I decided I was finished with that gastrologist.

Since I had been going to his office for around seventeen years, and I was going in with the same symptoms I went in for the first time! Yes, I went for my appointment, but the longer I sat to wait and see him, the more pointless it seemed!

Then I walked out without a word, did away with his medications, and refused their phone calls. They had made enough money off of me over the years.

Image of one bottle of CBD Oil


CBD Oil Anxiety and Pain Relief

I am pleased to write that CBD Oil continues to be an essential part of how I take care of myself now that I am off of Oxycodin. CBD controls the anxiety I have coped with all my life.

CBD makes the Lyrica I take for nerve pain stronger, and I have been able to cut my dosage. That means less medication to be filtered for my kidneys, and I think I take a too large an amount of medicine and too many pills.

Most of the medications I take are filtered from my body through the liver, but the Lyrica is different as the kidneys filter the Lyrica. I checked with my pharmacist who confirmed the Lyrica is not a narcotic or an opioid.

Lavendar Butterfly Aromatherapy

After Opioids What Happens?

What happens after opioids? Quite a lot happens! YOU ARE AWAKE!

The important thing to me is that now that I am off the opioid, Oxycodone,  and the narcotic Librax, I at the least feel like I am less drugged. And I am less drugged for I am not light-headed when I stand up now.

Valium and Hydrocodone

You can participate more with your family and friends because you care more about what is going on in their lives. I was on an opioid, Hydrocodone, and a narcotic, Valium, at the same time. It was “Mother’s Little Helper,” and “Pain Pills,” and I was numbed in a way.

“Mother’s Little Helper” was the nickname given to Valium (Diazepam) in the 1980s. Pain pills are what we still call our medication for pain and some of them are opioids.

You believe they care more about you because you can hear them without the drugs clouding your mind.

That is enough blogging for today, although I will keep posting to this Blog in the days to follow.

Here is where I tell you I am not a medical professional and anything I write here is for informational purposes only. Before you stop or start any medication, you should check with your own chosen medical provider. This Blog is me sharing my life story with you.

Thank you for reading along with me.
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