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CBD Oil And The Anxiety

 CBD BioCare Oil

CBD Oil And The Anxiety


Within a  minute of taking the CBD oil, I am inhaling a deep breath, and the anxiety has left! I don’t have to worry anymore about sleeping past medication time and waking in pain. So much is changing, and I am so delighted to see each change happen. It is a fantastic way to start a new day!


For the first time since 2008, my eyes will focus, and it is so much easier to read my computer and watch the news and movies. The double-vision has somehow righted itself, and I don’t know how. For ten (10) years I have had double-vision. You don’t get well from Myasthenia Gravis, but this must be a remission or something? How does a stretched muscle right itself?


Myasthenia Gravis And Fibromyalgia


It’s later in the day and I am tired with the exhaustion of Myasthenia Gravis and Fibromyalgia combined. It is a tired that goes all the way to the bone, but it is still not as bad as it was two weeks ago, before CBD oil! The amazing thing is my eyes are still focusing!


In 2002, an exceptional physician diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia and before long had added severe to it. It has never been this light except in the very beginning, for it is like it is not there in comparison. Of course, I am taking the Lyrica, and as of now, I don’t intend to stop it. The Lyrica has never controlled the Fibromyalgia this well though. It has to be the CBD oil!


Ulcerative Colitis And Opioid Withdrawals


Around 1986, I was diagnosed with stomach problems that later became gastritis and then Ulcerative Colitis by now when I am sixty-seven. By the time I was fifty-five I had repeated procedures, and even a surgery to rebuild the opening of my stomach.


A lifetime of gastric problems makes you very aware of the warnings of nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea if you are going to withdraw from opioids. For you wonder, “How am I going to be able to know if it is the opioid withdrawals or my system doing this to me?”


Now to taking CBD oil and staying off the narcotic Diazepam (Valium). Yes, I believe it will work. I took my last Diazepam on February 25, 2018, and I am not having any bad cravings today for it and I am thrilled!


As CBD oil does work for the narcotic I have to stay away from, I believe it will help me get off the Oxycodone. Already I have six full days on 1/2 pain pill instead of a whole every 6 hours as prescribed. From the herniated disc at C3 to the Degenerative Bone Disease all along my spine, I needed help with pain relief, and I have help.



Genetic Testing And CBD Oil


I just received a call from a lab doing genetic testing for medication adaptability, and cancer testing for the need for chemotherapy. I may regret it because I don’t understand it fully, but Medicare approved it. I did the cancer testing about two months ago but never got the results, so I am willing to try again. They are going to send it to me and I am going to do it, and the only requirement was that you are taking three or more medications a day and I am. Will the CBD oil show in the testing? I hope so. It is supposed to tell me what medications are good for me, and the ones that are genetically not good for me.


CBD BioCare Products

Thank you for reading along with me as I do this!


I will be Blogging here while I change the type of pain medication that I use. With the basic pain medication being Lyrica, the one I take for my Fibromyalgia, as it is not an opioid!



Here is where I tell you that any advice implied on this website is only for informational purposes. What I tell you about my health applies only to me. Your body and system are different and you need to see your healthcare provider before starting or stopping any medication.






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